Sunand Prasad, RIBA President 2007-09

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My overarching concern is change: how the RIBA can anticipate change; and know when and how to cause, or direct, or embrace or when needs be, to resist change.

The environment in which architects provide their services and earn their living has changed almost out of recognition in the last 20 years. For much of that time events that affect us have seemed to be outside the profession’s control. This is turning around. Architecture is in the news and gaining in popularity. Government is beginning to listen. I have been involved in some of the action that has reversed the decline. That is the strongest reason I am standing for President. There are very many stiff challenges to confront. But I am moved and encouraged by the resilience of architects, and enthused by the impact we have when we deploy well our knowledge, ethics, imagination and problem solving capacity. Small practice and big practice, rural and urban, private and public, I believe I have a broad understanding of RIBA members’ concerns and a belief in their tremendous capacity to serve their public and earn a decent living.

This website outlines some of my thinking on how the RIBA with the support and involvement of members can make a real difference.